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The travel and leisure industry has gone through significant changes over the last decade, through both consumer ‘pull’ and industry ‘push’. Technology has also played a central role in this, with an increased reliance on websites and smartphone apps to facilitate choice and convenience across all journey types.

Consumers today want a trip tailored to meet their needs whether that be an authentic experience on a long holiday, a weekend break nearer to home, or even their daily commute on the train to work. Travelers are confidently booking their individual elements directly, either at home or through a large number of online intermediaries.

A well-traveled public means greater expectations exist from the earliest stages of planning to the trip or travel experience itself. Consumer’s not only want their needs to be met but for their wants to be anticipated.

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We work with travel, transport and leisure providers to keep abreast of evolving consumer needs, and to identify how they can best position themselves to gain competitive advantage.

Some topics we have explored in travel and leisure include:

  • Market & customer segmentation
  • Brand portfolio evaluation
  • Innovation & NPD
  • Market analysis of competitor & client brands mapping holiday decision making process
  • Positioning development
  • Evaluation of loyalty program holiday decision making & criteria hierarchy web strategy development
  • Customer experience development
  • Development of a ‘premium’ travel brand
  • Exploring ‘alliances’
  • Development of the optimal travel money proposition
  • Leisure travelers & holiday makers (including those with families & disabilities)
  • Short & long distance commuters
  • Business travelers (across a range of transport modes)
  • Business travel planners/decision-makers
  • B2B transport select committees & passenger transport executive committees
  • Vacation rentals: owners & users