For more than two decades, Illuminas has been utilizing quantitative research techniques to inform our client’s business decisions.

We’ve spent years perfecting proven quantitative methodologies, while staying on the cutting edge of new research technology. Our flexibility in drawing from existing and emerging methods enables us to design research that is a perfect fit for your business objectives and provides layers of rich information to make informed business decisions.

Our team of highly experienced Marketing Scientists has developed a set of best practices for applying these quantitative methodologies. Best practice areas include: survey design, data collection, data analysis and reporting of sometimes very complicated data.

  • Attitudes & Usage Studies
  • Brand Equity Research
  • Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty
  • Ad Testing
  • Market Sizing & Projections
  • Price Sensitivity Meter
  • Discrete Choice Conjoint
  • Build-Your-Own Conjoint
  • Maximum Difference (Maxdiff) Scaling
  • Segmentation/Cluster Analysis
  • Archetypal Analysis
  • Classification Trees
  • Regressions/Drivers Analyses
  • Structural Equation Modeling
  • Hierarchical Bayes Modeling
  • Adaptive Conjoint


Quantitative Approaches: