As the pharmaceutical industry faces heavier regulatory pressures, escalating costs and greater barriers to entry, there is still a great demand to fulfill unmet medical needs. Combined with an incredibly crowded marketplace and the rise of generics and biosimilars, the global healthcare market has unprecedented competitive challenges and the need to develop sufficiently better products and services.

Whether at a local, regional or global level, Illuminas designs and executes market research to help you successfully navigate the complexities of a modern healthcare system. Our research is built on evidence-based methodologies that leverage new and innovative approaches to answer your most challenging questions.

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Highlights of Our Expertise

  • Therapeutic Area Reach

  • OTC & Consumer / Healthcare Technology

  • Audiences We Can Reach

Our healthcare market research expertise is extensive and covers most therapeutic areas, with particular strengths in:

  • Diabetes
  • Dermatology
  • Respiratory
  • RA
  • CV
  • Neuroscience
  • Pediatrics
  • Certain strains of oncology
  • Orphan disease
  • Devices
  • Hospital diagnostics
  • Hospital systems
  • Vaccines

OTC & Consumer

The OTC space is increasingly looking to the healthcare community for endorsement of their products to drive consumer usage and loyalty. Illuminas has significant research expertise in OTC and consumer healthcare. It’s here where we can provide an ideal triangulation of perspectives affecting adoption of consumer products.

 Healthcare Technology

Our experience researching healthcare technology goes across a range of innovations, from app development to hospital devices to in-home artificial intelligence. Much of the research we conduct is at the R&D stage, whether it is to inform early idea development or concept refinement in building a sustainable and successful technology-based healthcare innovation

  • Physicians (HCPs) – primary, secondary and intermediary care (where relevant)
  • Patients – particularly diabetes, respiratory, cardiovascular, RA, dermatology, pediatrics, rare diseases, vaccines (consumers) & hospital-based physicians key to particular hospital equipment
  • Scientists, researchers, life scientists, & lab personnel
  • Payers/payers – insurers, and decision-makers, from hospital to regional level
  • Caregivers, families, children, parents, home-care managers, home health delivery companies & customers
  • Pharmacists, nurses, dentists, midwives, podiatrist, dieticians / nutritionists, smoking cessation advisors, & physiotherapists
  • Charities & orphan disease institutes & patient associations