The pace of technology innovation is relentless and affects every brand, buyer and user. The world’s leading hardware and software companies are pressed at every turn to contend with the rapid changes in device usage, SaaS business models, and virtualized environments. Illuminas conducts research to help leading technology brands stay ahead of the competition by successfully addressing changing needs and objectives.

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For more than 15 years, Illuminas has been researching B2B and consumer technology decisions.

We interview CIOs, IT professionals, as well as a broad range business and consumer influencers, on a daily basis. We understand the complexities of organizational decision-making and the intricacies of consumer buying behavior. Illuminas navigates the interconnected roles and responsibilities of technology purchasing, and ensures that research conducted reflects the opinions of the people who matter.

We understand mobile, the cloud, and the Internet of Things, because these are the forces changing the IT marketplace. Our strong focus on the technology industry allows us to speak knowledgeably to clients and decision-makers alike.

IT purchases often involve an ecosystem of brands and channels. We recognize the complications of reseller relationships, the nuance of sub-brands and acquisitions, and the dual roles of partners who are also competitors. When it comes to research, there is no black box model or methodology that can incorporate these factors appropriately across changing brands and categories. Illuminas navigate these forces and provide you with a relevant research approach for your brand.

Through our research, we closely monitor the following categories: 

  • Data center infrastructure
  • Cloud computing (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, DaaS)
  • Enterprise & consumer hardware & software
  • Semiconductors & embedded SoC    
  • Mobile devices & Mobility Solutions (MDM, MAM, EMM)
  • Application software & middleware
  • Virtualization (Server, storage, network, application, desktop, mobile)
  • Unified communications & collaboration
  • Open source
  • Network security
  • Smart home technology

Some of the audiences we have recently reached include:

  • CIOs & senior IT decision-makers
  • CSOs & VPs of security
  • Senior line of business decision-makers (CMO, COO, CFO CSO, VP)
  • IT administrators
  • Developers
  • Design software users, managers, & buyers
  • Education software decision-makers
  • Smartphone/tablet consumers and purchase influencers
  • Laptop/PC consumers and purchase influencers
  • Social media users