Illuminas takes critical business issues and translates them into powerful research.

MIT, Stanford, McKinsey, Harvard, Princeton and Illuminas – I put them all in the same category for research. Illuminas has the credibility. The others have the name. They know our business so well, it’s as if they’re actually in Cisco’s Corporate Positioning Team.

When you work with Illuminas, you get more than data. You get thought leadership.

Illuminas is on the short list for all research requests and proposals.

We demand a lot from our partners, and Illuminas always delivers. They’re really a partner, not a market research vendor. And we have a VERY short list of partners. They are in our Inner Circle. I can sleep nights when Illuminas is on the job.

Illuminas aims to please. They ramp up quickly; don't nickel and dime us to death. Ultimately, they want to get it right. They don't need hand holding, and that’s very important to me. Plus, they make me feel like I'm their only client.

This was really impressive - of all of the agencies to pitch, Illuminas were the only one who said that it was possible to achieve a robust sample. All of the other agencies said this was impossible!

Illuminas quickly became a respected partner to many of us for their superior consumer insights and strategy expertise. Their experience with international research was heavily relied upon, but even more so, was their comprehensive and strategic analyses, reports and debriefs. They consistently sought to understand our underlying business objectives and ensured that our qualitative research was driven to very pointed, actionable marketing recommendations. In a nutshell, they get the “big picture” and have added more value to the research projects.

After becoming increasingly frustrated with 'big agency' mentality and reporting, Illuminas were recommended to us as an agency who would give the service levels, senior involvement and independent thinking on quantitative projects that we had come to expect from qualitative suppliers. We have worked with Illuminas on a number of projects and have been extremely impressed with their ability to grasp the issues our business is facing, and come back to us with clear concise recommendations that senior management can immediately action. We now consider Illuminas to be a long-term strategic research partner.

Illuminas was equally comfortable delivering strategic marketing and service delivery consultancy as they were handling the complex technical challenges in using multiple client data sources to devise a profitable customer segmentation.

Illuminas is amazing at what they do.

We use Illuminas a great deal and they always deliver.

Our experience working with some of the world’s most successful companies gives us the insight to help you understand why your customers consider, purchase, and recommend your products and services. Corporate and product brand managers come to us because we are brand experts who deeply understand their research needs.

Our clients and the market research industry alike recognize Illuminas for ensuring that the research we conduct on your behalf answers your questions and is of the highest standard. Global leaders such as AMD, Autodesk, Cisco Systems, Sun Microsystems and Warner Home Video routinely choose Illuminas for our industry experience, our worldwide reach, and our in-depth knowledge and application of researching best practices and advanced techniques.