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We have extensive experience conducting research for the Government and in the public sector. We understand that research is a means to support and inform strategic thinking and develop policy.

Public Services

The public sector has been transformed  in recent decades.  Indeed, whole swathes of the traditional public realm have been reinvented with the introduction of new structures and organisations, reflecting  the increasingly blurred lines between the public, private and voluntary sectors.  Illuminas’s experience covers central government, agencies and third sector organizations across a wide range of sectors including transport, education, energy and personal finance.

Our experience in the public sector means we are aware of the importance of rigor and robustness in research design and project delivery for studies that may be published and subject to public scrutiny. We also have a strong understanding of consumer regulation and protection and work with both regulators and commercial clients in markets including public transport, telecommunications, energy and water  and financial services.

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Highlights of Our Expertise

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Recent Government projects include:

  • Development of a new benefits package for a central office of the national government.
  • Examination the persistency of long-term products.
  • Understanding consumer awareness and attitudes towards a major utilities regulatory body services.
  • Developing and supporting a new re-positioning campaign for the Royal Mail.
  • Developing and refining a new communications and information brochure utilizing feedback from the top 1,000 British businesses.

Recent Public Service projects include:

  • Understanding how to increase direct debit payments for utility bills.
  • Evaluation of a new entry proposition into the water supply market.
  • Development of green energy proposition among business and corporate customers.
  • Concept development for a retailer entering the energy market.
  • Concept evaluation of bundled energy supplies for consumers.
  • Development of an actionable segmentation model for leading natural gas supplier for marketing, product development and targeting.
  • Researched regional electricity companies and electricity generators.
  • Studied the gas market covering both commercial and domestic markets.
  • Government decision-makers
  • Students, teachers & administrators
  • Household decision-makers
  • Mortgage seekers
  • Utility payers
  • Transport users