Global Sampling

Global Sampling

The Backbone of Quality ResearchWe've Been There

Sampling is the backbone of quality research.

Without the right respondents, your results can be misleading. Illuminas places great emphasis on research sampling, and provides all clients with access to:


Expertise and a proven track record conducting global quantitative and qualitative research in public /private sectors in both established and emerging markets.


We have years of experience across many different audiences and industry sectors, and can target the most appropriate respondents for your business needs.


We have spent years developing resources, partnerships and databases that provide access to the right individuals.


Our researchers are sampling-methodology experts; many come from fielding backgrounds and all have extensive training in global sampling methods.


As a result of global research experience, we have respondent screening and data processing methods that assure the highest levels of data accuracy, data validity, and overall respondent quality.

Where in the world do you need answers? Yep, we’ve been there.

We have 20 years of experience in selecting the best international partner agencies. We have identified the best agencies with which to work in all major markets, and we direct these agencies through detailed briefings and communications. All of our providers go through rigorous research-on-research testing to verify quality before being utilized for client projects.