Mystery Shopping for PC Manfacturer

 The Challenge

A PC-embedded brand manufacturer sought to better understand the impact that their Retail Sales Associates (RSA) training program had on the recommendation of their product.  Because this client’s product is considered an embedded or ingredient brand, their internal hypothesis was that their training program did not actually impact the type of PC an RSA would recommend.

The Solution

We enabled a global evaluation of channel strategy.

  • PRE/POST MYSTERY SHOPPING to identify a baseline level of recommendation and once again after the training program was implemented
  • TEST/CONTROL MYSTERY SHOPPING targeting locations across key distribution channels where training was and was not offered, to get a holistic perspective on the impact of the training program  

The Insight

  • Identified that the training program did have an impact on RSA recommendations; also revealed unexpected proof that other factors are equally important to training
  • Insights drove client to expand training program (more locations, more regions), as well as to incorporate additional factors into their program to maximize the success of the program
  • Provided inputs for client to streamline approach in product messaging to help RSAs focus on the most important benefits of their product offering