Cisco Technology & Healthcare

 The Challenge 

Technology has driven advancements and modernization across nearly every industry and sector in today’s marketplace – including the healthcare industry. It’s clear that technology innovations have fueled improvements and breakthroughs in areas such as diagnosis, treatment, medical imaging and healthcare research, but what impact has technology had on the health of a typical American? How has the ubiquity of consumer technology changed the way American’s approach and manage their health?

The Solution

Illuminas and Cisco Systems conducted a web-based survey of 4,105 US consumers. Respondents were selected to be representative of US online households based on age, gender, education and ethnicity. Since the survey was focused on understanding how consumers are using technology and the Internet to manage their health, this methodology was determined to be the most efficient at reaching the target audience and the most appropriate for answering the key questions of the study.

The Insight

Illuminas was able to provide extensive insight into consumer healthcare consumption and goals, the tools and resources currently used by individuals and their healthcare providers, and the drivers and barriers to leveraging technology more for managing healthcare.

Download the whitepaper to view detailed results of the study.