Technology Advertising Insights

The Challenge

A fortune 500 technology hardware and software provider needed to track their brand against competitors, evaluate advertising and mar-com initiatives, and quantify the effectiveness of its advertising. Ultimately, Illuminas worked hand-in-hand with corporate marketing and advertising firms to integrate brand measurement with various aspects of marketing activities.

The Solution

We utilized a brand tracking approach, which eventually evolved into marketing communication analytics.

  • BRAND TRACKING to identify sources of competitive strengths & weaknesses
  • MARCOMM TESTING to optimize positioning, logo, and advertising to key customer and prospect segments
  • CONTENT ANALYSIS to ‘listen’ to marketplace conversations about corporate & product assets
  • AD TRACKING to measure recall and impact from various campaigns

The Insight

  • Revealed declining value of legacy hardware, the successful roll-out of new platform, and the most targetable profiles for the brand moving forward
  • Provided insight about messaging that was most likely to drive consideration, focusing client efforts on campaigns and pubs that drive value
  • Fused tracking data with ad spend, proving that declining spend was eroding the brand
  • Core metrics were converted into searchable key words, enabling media tracking to be tied to specific campaigns and mar-com efforts