Rosetta Stone Perceptions

The Challenge

To keep up with the evolving language needs of the global market, more and more companies are adopting English Language Learning (ELL) solutions for their employees.  Rosetta Stone provides ELL solutions that are designed to provide a positive impact on business operations and are available to companies in every major market and language.  As part of their initiative to continue driving market success for organizations around the world, Rosetta Stone commissioned Illuminas to conduct a quantitative survey to reveal the benefits of implementing an ELL solution for their employees. 

The Solution

  • Quantitative online survey in the US and Canada
  • Extensive profiling of organizations based on current solutions and ELL challenges
  • Key drivers analysis to reveal reasons organizations leverage ELL solutions
  • MaxDiff analysis to identify the top strengths and weaknesses of ELL solutions available today

The Insight

  • Measured brand health of Rosetta Stone and other ELL providers
  • Revealed the drivers, challenges, and benefits of using ELL solutions
  • Identified the most important features of ELL solutions
  • Profiles ELL solution user and decision-makers, enabling more strategic branding & positioning