Multi-Platform Media Viewing

 The Challenge

As TV viewing has evolved, cable subscribers are accessing programming across multiple devices and platforms, including regular TV, on demand, mobile apps, DVDs, internet downloads / streams, and DVR or timeshifting. As a result, a premium cable and satellite television network commissioned research with Illuminas to help dive deeper into one of their key challenges: how to continually offer subscribers the opportunity to watch content from any location and at any time.  To effectively meet evolving subscriber demands, the network needed to unveil the complexities of how/where viewers watch content, on what device, and viewing preferences/trade-offs.

The Solution

We developed a comprehensive quantitative market research plan that set out to measure the relative value of each viewing platform and how these numerous viewing choices impact the network’s value proposition and loyalty. Core components of the study included the following: 

  • Extensive subscriber profiling based on platform usage and content consumption
  • An advanced survey exercise to reveal the specific attributes of each platform that are most important to subscribers
  • A title-specific cannibalization exercise to evaluate the impact of various platforms on overall viewership 

The Insight

The research provided insight across multiple factions of the network, ultimately driving content and platform development decisions throughout the organization.  Specific insights included the following:

  • Accurately sized each viewing platform
  • Provided understanding of program viewing preference
  • Measured platform impact on the network’s viewing
  • Identified optimal viewing platform combinations
  • Measured platform impact on the network’s brand health