Cisco Enterprise Mobility

 The Challenge

In light of today’s ever-evolving work environment, Cisco contracted Illuminas to conduct in-depth research to gain a better understanding of what is driving the need for enterprise mobility and BYOD and how IT organizations are delivering it. Do organizations have a mobility strategy, or are they just reacting to employee and organizational demands without any coherent plan in place? How far are organizations pushing mobility and anytime/anywhere access? Are they developing applications or making current applications available via mobile devices? 

The Solution

  • Quantitative online survey in the US, Germany, and India
  • Extensive profiling of organizations based on current and future mobility strategy
  • Ranking of mobility initiatives and their perceived benefits
  • Open-ended questioning to allow the voice of the market to express current and planned mobility priorities
  • Concept test to measure reaction to unified mobile work space solutions

The Insight

  • Identified where organizations are with their mobility strategy
  • Revealed mobility initiatives and how these are supported
  • Highlighted how mobility initiatives differ for customers, employees, and partners
  • Measured the  impact and challenges of mobility initiatives on enterprise and collaboration applications