Enterprise Software Brand Positioning

 The Challenge

A multi-national enterprise software company disrupted the market with innovative business models and products, and sought to quantify their brand position within a rapidly-evolving marketplace.  As the company grew through development and acquisition, it became necessary for the tracking to accommodate new product categories and competitors, and likewise to align brand attributes with evolving brand identities and positioning.

The Solution

We built a tracking platform that adapts to changing markets.

  • International brand tracking encompassing diverse competitors across multiple software categories
  • Drivers analysis of corporate brand attributes most critical to brand recommendation
  • Sub-brand analysis of component products and services

The Insight

  • Research alerted the client to the risk from mainstream competitors, who initially seemed removed from their core offerings and value propositions.
  • Drivers analysis revealed that the client’s brand advantages have eroded as purchase drivers, eliciting the need to revise and reinvigorate brand strategy.
  • The sub-brand analysis confirmed that while the products were well-regarded, the parent brand sustained greater equity across all audiences.