New Research: How English Language Learning Solutions Fuel Profitability


How English Language Learning Solutions Fuel Profitability

In an increasingly global economy, companies are compelled to create a workforce that can communicate across borders.  While more than two-thirds of the Global 1000 workforce speaks a language other than English, the Harvard Business Review recently reported that English has now become the global language of business.  To keep up with the evolving language needs of the global market, more and more companies are adopting English Language Learning (ELL) solutions for their employees.

Rosetta Stone provides ELL solutions that are designed to provide a positive impact on business operations, and are available to companies in every major market and language.  As part of their initiative to continue driving market success for organizations around the world, Rosetta Stone commissioned Illuminas to conduct a quantitative survey to reveal the benefits of implementing an ELL solution for employees.

Screen-Shot-2014-04-04-at-10.04.43-AMIlluminas conducted an online survey among a broad mix of business leaders and decisions makers in the US and Canada who currently fund ELL for their non-English workforce, and the results of the study were compiled into an infographic by Rosetta Stone. What we learned from the study is that businesses use ELL to break down communication barriers, communicate more effectively with global partners and overcome customer service challenges, all of which return positive results such as increased productivity, better internal communication, increased customer satisfaction and increased sales. While challenges in ELL implementation are present, (time constraints, varying learning styles and managing multiple solutions), more than three-quarters of organizations today report that ELL training increases their profitability by 25%, suggesting that the benefits of ELL implementation outweigh the challenges.

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Illuminas is always excited to help new clients like Rosetta Stone fuel their success with real world research returns.  For additional information on the Rosetta Stone ELL research or how we can deliver strategic insights for your business needs, contact us via [email protected]