Illuminas wins EDF Energy contract to monitor Electric vehicle trial

Illuminas have won a year long contract with EDF Energy to monitor and measure electric vehicle and charging usage in London and the South East.

EDF Energy in partnership with Mercedes Benz and the Technology Strategy Board are trialing electric vehicles with 60 residential customers in London and the South East in one of the first UK mass market trials.  Each customer will lease the Smart electric drive vehicle for 12 months from October 2010 onwards.

EDF Energy will install a home charging point for the electric vehicle and a smart meter to monitor charging usage for every trialist.

Illuminas will use a range of research techniques to understand charging usage over time during the trial, both in the home and out of the home and at certain times bringing respondents together to share experiences and learning.

Nick Eves, Senior Research Executive at EDF Energy said, ‘The EDF Energy Electric Vehicle team reviewed a number of proposals and Illuminas’ was a clear favourite. We look forward to working with them on this very innovative project’

Illuminas Group Director Mike Roderick commented, ‘We are delighted to be working with EDF Energy and the Smart EDF Energy electric vehicle trial. It is very exciting being involved in such a large scale development project concerning energy usage and the future of electric vehicles in the UK’