Illuminas wins at the MRS Research Awards

A paper written by Jonathan Fletcher from Illuminas London Office has won the MRS/BIG Business-to-Business Research Award at the MRS Research Awards 2011.

The Award recognises outstanding research specifically in the area of business-to-business. To make the shortlist, entrants needed to demonstrate research quality and vision and its effectiveness and application to the business-to-business sector.

The Judges said:

‘The paper impressed the panel with its novel ideas and insightful application of an academic approach’

‘A complex and detailed examination of culture and relation to business. Excellent information and research work’

The paper entitled ‘Culture-mapping: A framework for understanding international B2b decision-making’ presents a framework for understanding decision-making in different business cultures that enables B2B researchers confronted with a new market to ask the right questions quickly and not waste time and money looking in the wrong places for the wrong things.

Drawing on disciplines such as anthropology, psychology and cultural theory the paper explores a range of business decision-making dimensions such as authority, the need for consensus, speed vs. deliberation, information vs. intuition, how trust is generated and the nature of reasoning.

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