Illuminas and Toluna Develop Best Practices for Managing Online Survey Respondents

At Illuminas, we take pride in remaining a proven leader in testing and analyzing new research capabilities in the research industry.  As the industry has seen a shift in online panel sampling options, we set out to rigorously test and analyze these new options before we could trust their validity and recommend the online panels to our clients as a viable panel option.

We recently partnered with leading sample vendor Toluna / Greenfield Online to conduct a study to learn more about the impact of panel recruitment channels on research outcomes, and we want to share the important key learnings with you.

lluminas’ article, Best Practices in Sample Management, helps you navigate the challenges associated with using the research industry’s latest panel offerings. This informative article explains the various ways in which sample recruitment channels can impact your research and offers several best practices to ensure accurate research results.

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