Illuminas & BBC Share Insights – MRS Event

TV futures: The prospects for live TV viewed through the lens of Behavioral Economics

Households with children have more choices than ever before when it comes to viewing  TV content. Given the changing landscape of media consumption, , the BBC partnered with Illuminas to conduct primary research that would offer them a greater understanding of how technology has shifted TV viewership – what in the media landscape remained true and what the future holds for live TV within households.

On Sept 17th, Illuminas Director Pete Maginn will be joined by the BBC’s Maddalena Piras to share these insights with the Marketing Research Society (MRS). They will demonstrate how a Behavioral Economics (BE) framework was used to understand the TV viewing behavior of children, including how BE can be used to generate hypotheses before research, inform methodologies and provide a lens through which to conduct analysis.

“I’m thrilled to have been invited to speak with the BBC at the MRS members evening next week,” Pete says. “Ever since the project started it’s been fascinating to see what children are actually doing compared to how the public, media and industry think they are consuming content. The findings have generated real discussion and great interest amongst the stakeholders and conference delegates we’ve shared them with. The Behavioural Economic approach, both in terms of methodology and analytical framework, added a layer of robustness to what is a subject area of huge interest to both the industry and the general public alike.”

This event will be hosted at The Old Trading House in London, and is open to non-MRS members for £25.00 +VAT and free for  MRS members. To learn more about this event or to sign up, click here

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