Exploring Mobile Market Research

As Patrick Comer recently stated on the Federated Sample blog, “Mobile is the second coming of online research.”  While we have already been through the transition of phone to web, now we are experiencing the next paradigm shift:  web to mobile web.

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 5.04.11 PMWe saw Patrick present at the CASRO Tech conference last year, during which time he projected that organic mobile penetration among panelists on their Fulcrum platform would have an 8.5% monthly growth rate and would reach 12% by now.  As 2013 came around, it was clear that Federated Sample had actually undershot their prediction – hitting nearly 13% in January, the current growth rate puts mobile survey taking on a rapid trajectory (see chart to the right).

As researchers we had to know more, so we did what any curious market researcher would do: conducted a study of our own.  We partnered with Federated Sample, who provided the sample management platform, Kinesis Survey Technologies, who provided the online and mobile survey platform, and MyPoints, who provided the online panelists. Together we conducted a multi-mode study to understand the ever-increasing impact of mobile devices on our research portfolios.

We revealed the results of the study at the ARF Re:think 2013 conference in NY to a crowd of advertising executives, researchers and industry leaders. We want to spread the word even further, so you can find more about the results in several ways:

 Kinesis wrote a great piece about it on their blog
  • The slides of our presentation are available on SlideShare
  • We hosted several webinars on the topic, and the recordings are available here
Or, if you have specific questions about mobile market research or how to implement this into your research, drop us a line!