Illuminas Adviser Insight Exchange

llluminas Adviser Insight Exchange is a community-driven research platform for UK-based financial advisers and wealth managers.

Our mission is to bring together some of the UK’s top private wealth investment professionals, to identify nascent trends and to understand how you and your peers are facing onto the profound challenges that face advisers today.

You’ll have access to peer group discussions and detailed reports covering key product, platform and provider trends. You’ll be participating (anonymously, of course) in expert panels for providers, ‘road-testing’ new products and services, and will have the opportunity to shape those products and services to your needs, and those of your peers.

Examples of the types of engagements in which you might participate include:

  • How fee models are developing as the dust settles post RDR.
  • Valuing, selling and buying a business
  • Choosing DFMs and other third-party managers and providers, and how to integrate those into your businesses
  • Key developments in the platform space, and the ways platforms need to develop to better serve core clients
  • Client segmentation and model portfolio construction
  • Engaging with digital tools and information
  • Trending investment ideas for 2018

From detailed reports on our in-house studies to cash incentives when you help with our sponsored research, we believe you’ll get a lot out of this, and our commitment to you is to ensure that you feel rewarded for your time and your contribution.

Your engagement and insights are important to us, so we will always give you plenty of notice a lot of time to get involved to make this as convenient as possible. You can get involved as often as you like and we will ensure no inappropriate demands are made on your time.

To be involved, simply register with us by clicking here.

Registration will take no more than a few minutes and will help us to direct the most relevant research to you.

We will never share your details with other community members, sponsors or third parties.

We expect to launch the first online surveys in summer 2017.

If you have any queries or would like more information please contact us at [email protected]

For our terms and conditions please click here.