Gold Award for Best Use of Market Research to Inform a Campaign

The University of Manchester and DVL Smith (now Illuminas) have won the top award for ‘Market Research and Testing’ with their research programme conducted throughout the ‘Branding The University of Manchester’ campaign at the recent annual HEERA Marketing Awards Conference.

This research programme resulted from the challenge to express a name, brand, character and visual identity in order to enhance the merger of Victoria University Manchester and UMIST by managing the development of a united communications and marketing strategy.

Judging Criteria

Judges found the research project to be very comprehensive and professional with crystal clear objectives, instantly placing it on a superior platform to the other entries.

A successful entry was to provide evidence on how and why the methodologies were chosen, combined with a creative use of research in terms of the initial execution during the interpretation process.

Judges were able to see high levels of cost effectiveness and a continual referral to the brief and initial objectives.

“This was one of the most thorough reputation management exercises ever conducted by aBritish University. The extensive market research crafted a robust platform for the University’s reputation as well as a new visual identity system” said Alan Ferns, Director of Communications & Marketing Services at The University of Manchester.

Jayne Griffith of DVL Smith, who headed the research project, said: “This was an important, high profile project for all concerned. It was unique in the education sector and the findings we have produced are something which The University of Manchester can get some real mileage from”.

The findings of the project not only informed the development of the brand, but provided The University of Manchester with a mass of information on the markets in which they operate. This provides a platform for developing and growing new audiences, especially in the international marketplace.


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